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ALUYACHT is known as a mobile squad specialised in aluminium and steel hulls and structures. Doing everything by his own, their customers don’t need to worry about nothing: this is one of the strengths of the company.

Professionalism, flexibility, all-inclusive service and competitive prices are the core values that have made Aluyacht shipbuilding great. That’s why Aluyacht “is your partner in shipbuilding”.

Aluminium and steel are the most important materials for the construction of yacht and ship hulls because they are strong and durable, but their treatment requires a lot of work and specialists’ knowledge.

ALUYACHT is your partner in shipbuilding!

Starting from an escape hatch to a complete hull, Aluyacht is your partner in the construction of steel and aluminium structures. We have specialists that can work independently. Whether your order involves small iron parts or the construction of an entire hull, we can provide you with experts in the field of both steel and aluminium structures. In order to ensure the necessary flexibility.

On-site work has different advantages, e.g. control and insurance coverage at your site and no costs for the transport of heavy or large structures.

Aluyacht can help you if you are looking for specialists to strengthen your team or for a completely independent team.

This is ideal solution!





The owners of Aluyacht are experienced yacht builders – brothers Wiesław and Robert Gniady. These characters are well known in the shipbuilding world and have the status of global authorities in this industry. Their authority translates into the Aluyacht brand, which is perceived as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the implementation of projects: from small structural elements through superstructures to the comprehensive construction of L-class yachts and XL mega yachts. Regardless of whether you are looking for professionals to strengthen your team or a completely independent team – Aluyacht can provide it for you. Aluyacht is your PARTNER.

Aluyacht is proud that reputable yacht companies all over Europe use our company’s services on a regular basis.


Aluminum is by far the most important material for the construction of the hulls of yachts and ships. The challenge is to process aluminum, which requires unique expertise and a lot of work. Europe lacks the right professionals. Aluyacht is one of the few mobile shipyards that are not affected by these restrictions – the company has specialized in the construction of aluminum hulls and superstructures in the yacht industry and has built an appropriate technological and competence potential. Aluyacht is open to the challenges posed by the yachting industry and promotes the slogan: impossible is possible!

Building yachts is a complicated process that requires appropriate knowledge. The Gniady Brothers have 30 years of experience in this field and they know their stuff, they know how important it is to have the right people in the right place!


The core business of the company is building the structure at the customer’s site.

Currently, we also offer the possibility of (partial) prefabrication of parts in a production plant in Poland. As a result, we are particularly flexible and maintain competitive prices.

This ensures that our clients receive the competences they count on, From small parts to complete hulls.

Aluyacht is your partner in yacht construction.


MOBILE YACHT SHIPYARD – HOW DOES IT WORK? Aluyacht has a unique worldwide competence in building yachts or their elements on site, at the customer’s or in a location chosen by him. Aluyacht organizes the entire technological process and the supply chain there, and provides the right conditions for the highest possible quality of work. The company organizes and prepares a site for the construction of a project for you, organizes the purchase and transport of materials and consumables for production, transport of personnel, accommodation, tools, protective clothing. Aluyacht has the ability to prefabricate some parts in a production plant in Poland, which is important for improving work and reducing production costs. Thanks to prefabrication, the Company is particularly flexible on time while maintaining a competitive price. The advantages of this solution include: lower project implementation costs (no need to transport the finished hull, delivery logistics limited to one point, etc.) ongoing control of the progress of works by the shipowner fast pace of work through parallel prefabrication of parts at the production plant in Poland.

Our unique, innovative business model of a mobile shipyard allows us to be flexible in the industry and to maintain very competitive prices. We know from experience like no one else that ventures in the yachting industry are very diverse and require constant changes of staffing and replenishment of personnel. Thanks to our extensive network, we can react quickly to the construction process and provide you with additional specialists at times convenient for you.


We not only provide high-class personnel to your plant, but also provide the right tools. Of course, our specialists have the certificates required for construction in accordance with the requirements of the standards in the yachting sector.

In addition, we can also provide a complete package, including materials, for contracted work. In short, Aluyacht guarantees that you will not have to worry about anything!

It’s the perfect solution!

By ordering construction works, you can expect that Aluyacht will perform the work professionally at a good price, you will gain a reliable and flexible partner, thanks to which you will not have to worry about anything

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